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Why Is Your Smartphone Battery Draining Quickly?

You swear that you just charged your smartphone, and the battery symbol is already blaring red. You’re running out of power. Why is your battery draining so quickly?

These are the most likely answers.


What apps are you running right now? Certain apps will take up a lot of power to run, which will drain your battery faster. Take a look at some of the apps that use the most energy to see if any of your favorites are on the list.

What can you do about this? Make sure that the apps are up to date. Older, buggier versions of the apps will require more energy to run. In addition, update your smartphone — this should help it handle more demanding apps without overheating and draining the battery.

Close apps that you’re not using so that they’re not running in the background. Try to run only one heavy-use app at a time. This should help conserve your battery.


What’s the weather like outside? Extreme temperatures — whether it’s extreme cold or extreme heat — can drain your battery faster than normal. So, when you stand outside in the freezing winter weather and try to send a text, you might notice that your battery starts dropping. Or worse, that your smartphone randomly shuts off.

The same can happen when your smartphone gets too hot. If you leave your smartphone sitting on top of a radiator or let it soak up the sun on your car’s dashboard, it could overheat and lose power quickly.

So, try to protect your device from extreme temperatures. Keep it at a moderate temperature and your battery should work just fine.


Are you under attack? A draining battery could be a sign that your smartphone is infected with malware. If you’ve recently downloaded a brand-new app, then this is your most likely answer.

What should you do? Start by going through any new apps that you’ve downloaded and uninstall them — this could be the source of the malware. Then, you will want to run a malware scan with the help of anti-virus software. If you don’t have anti-virus software, you should get it right away. It can help you find the culprit hiding on your device.

Smartphone Battery Draining Quickly

Old Battery

How old is your smartphone? If you’ve had it for a few years now, there is a real possibility that your battery is draining because it’s dying and is in desperate need of a replacement.

These are some other signs that your battery is dying:

  • Your battery never charges to 100%
  • You need to charge your smartphone multiple times per day
  • Your smartphone doesn’t function well unless it’s plugged into a charger
  • Your smartphone overheats often
  • Your smartphone’s performance is sluggish

If you don’t replace your battery sometime soon, it could die. Then, you’ll have no choice but to go to a tech repair shop.

A battery replacement is a standard repair that you can likely afford to pay out of pocket. The service is often under $100. But, if you can’t afford this immediate expense, you could use an emergency online loan. Check for online loans available in your state of residence. So, if you live in Dallas or El Paso, you should look for online loans in Texas to handle this urgent tech repair. This simple step can help you access loans specifically available to Texans.

Don’t panic about your smartphone battery. Once you find out the reason for the battery drain, you can fix it!

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