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  • Seamless and stable remote desktop for iOS devices.
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Designed for iOS

The AnyDesk app for iOS boasts unparalleled performance and security. The features are designed to provide a seamless and stable Remote Desktop for iPad Pro, iPad, and iPhone.

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AnyDesk for iPhone and iPad is light and compact. This guarantees fast downloads and small file sizes. Downloading AnyDesk directly from the App Store ensures maximum security.

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Easy Setup

AnyDesk for iOS devices offers an intuitive navigation and regular updates. Tutorials in the app guide you through the setup and help you find the most important features in just a few minutes.

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Tutorial: AnyDesk in a Nutshell

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Tutorial: AnyDesk in a Nutshell

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High frame rates, low latency, and technology that optimizes bandwidth usage ensure a smooth workflow. Don’t wait for your Remote Desktop to respond – even at high screen resolutions or low bandwidths of just 100 kB/s. Our unique DeskRT codec transfers image data in lightning-quick time.

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Safety is important to us! We feature the military-grade TLS 1.2 encryption technology that protects your computer from third-party access. Our app even supports Enterprise Networks that allow you to manage connections through a completely closed system.

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Remote Support

AnyDesk for iOS grants Remote Access and remote control via iPhone and iPad from any location. Access a central computer while on the move or offer iOS-based Remote Support to your customers. The AnyDesk app for desktop remote control on iOS devices brings the ultimate in connectivity.

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Version 5.6.2

24 Nov 2021

  • General Improvements:
    Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version 5.6.1

21 Oct 2021

  • General Improvements:
    Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version 5.6.0

21 Sep 2021

  • Whiteboard:
    Added whiteboard feature
  • MDM:
    Extended MDM to include more config items
  • Network:
    Fixed issue that sometimes prevented direct connections
  • General Improvements:
    Improved file transfer
Version 5.5.1

30 Jul 2021

  • File transfer:
    Added possibility to cancel uploading files
  • Crash:
    Fixed crash during displaying 2FA dialog when the app goes to background
  • UI:
    Fixed visibility in autodiscovery
Version 5.5.0

25 Jun 2021

  • Mobile Device Management:
    Added support for Mobile Device Management
  • External Monitor:
    The iOS Client now supports external monitors
  • Apple Pencil:
    Support for the Apple Pencil has been added
  • General Improvements:
    Increased stability of the overall product and fixed several bugs
Version 5.4.0

5 Mar 2021

  • Security warning:
    Security warning.
  • Batch operations in file manager:
    Batch operations in file manager.
Version 5.3.0

18 Jan 2021

  • Audio transmission:
    Added Device and Microphone Audio Transmission.
  • New option for display details:
    Added display option to preserve details when encoding image.
  • Saving to photo library:
    Fixed saving image/video to photo library.
Version 5.2.0

30 Nov 2020

  • New HW support:
    Magic Keyboard support.
  • File transfer support:
    File sharing extension.
  • Support for remote restart:
    Request remote restart.
  • Improvements during the session:
    Lock account on session end. Follow remote window focus.
  • AnyDesk ID on start:
    Fixed that AnyDesk ID was not shown on start.
  • Language detection fix:
    Fixed that AnyDesk ID was not shown on start.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of small bugs.
Version 5.1.0

23 Oct 2020

  • File transfer support:
    It is now possible to transfer files to and from the iOS device.
Version 5.0.0

3 Sep 2020

  • Improved incoming connection:
    Significantly improves user experience during session to iOS devices.
Version 4.4.0

27 Jul 2020

  • Support for 2FA:
    Provides support for Two-Factor Authentication when connecting to a device which has it enabled.
  • Flexible Session Recordings:
    Session Recordings can now be started and stopped at any time.
Version 4.3.0

6 Jul 2020

  • Session recording:
    It is now possible to record and play back a session.
  • System information:
    System information about the device is now available in the menu.
  • Multi-touch events:
    Added support for multi-touch events.
  • Bugfix:
    Minor improvements and fixed couple of small bugs.
Version 4.2.0

19 May 2020

  • Network discovery security:
    Improved Network discovery security.
  • iPad split screen:
    Fixed bugs in split screen on iPad.
Version 4.1.1

16 Jan 2020

  • Touchpad mode:
    Touchpad mode is not the default mode.
  • Keyboard display bug:
    Fixed bugs in displaying keyboard when hardware keyboard is connected to the device.
  • Take screenshot:
    Fixed Taked screenshot feature.
Version 4.1.0

13 Dec 2019

  • Touchpad mode:
    Local cursor in touchpad mode.
  • Language settings:
    Language is now taked from iOS language settings.
  • Bugfix:
    Fixed couple of crashes.
Version 4.0.0

11 Oct 2019

  • Connection to OnPremises server:
    It is now possible to conncet to AnyDesk OnPremises server.
  • Discovery feature:
    New Discovery feature to find other AnyDesk instances in the local network.
  • Multi-monitor support:
    Added support for up to 16 monitors.
  • New dark mode:
    Added compatibilty with iOS dark mode.

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