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For more Consistency and Organization

A personalized name ensures precise identification. That's why we offer the option to choose your own Namespace for your AnyDesk Alias to our paid licenses – displayed as you@yourcompany.


Choose your own name. Normally, your Namespace would be @ad to represent AnyDesk. By choosing a custom Namespace, all clients instead receive a personalized name, for example the name of your company.

Brand Identity

Ideally, you want all the clients of your license to look the same in order to give your customers a seamless brand experience. It starts with something as little as your contact name. All clients of the license will now represent your company, just like a business email address.


Even more precise than the personal number ID. With a clear and personalized Namespace, registered clients of your license can be identified more clearly and managed faster. You can even collectively add them to the Access Control List to ensure only clients registered to the license can connect to them.

Perfect for your Work


All clients work under the same Namespace, while still having an Alias that distinguishes each device. It’s a tool of unification and identification, bringing together all employees from one company.

Remote Support

Quick identification is not only important when it comes to lending Remote Support to users within a company, but also identifies and represents your company and builds trust for your external clients.


AnyDesk is intuitive all around – from the clear UI to its simple features. With a custom Namespace, connecting is even easier. The desired contact can be found quickly and without hassle.

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Tutorial:  Customize your own version of AnyDesk

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